Mrs. Campagna Class

Hi i am Matthew sister and i am in 4 grade. You guys are soon gonna be in 4 grade. And i will tell you that it is so awesome and the people around you are so nice. You have your own locker you switch classes. We also have clubs like k-kids,choir,bowling,newspaper club, girls after school gym and boys after school gym, math club, just to name a few. And have great testing.

Theme of The Penderwick

I pick The Penderwicks for the theme of the story. But I think the theme of the story is friendship. I think it is it because a boy named Jeffrey in the book is a friend to the Penderwicks and he sneaks out of his house whin he is not aloud to go play with the Penderwicks. Jeffrey mom Mrs.Tifton got off on the wrong hand with the Penderwicks. So he sneaks out and gets in trouble because at is how they have a very good friendship together. And that is the theme that I had in mian. If you find THE PENDERWICKS in stores BUY IT.

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Third Grade Angels

4 grade rats bookI am reading right now Third Grade Angels. We had Right To Read Week and at the end of it we got 2 books to keep. One of my books was Third Grade Angels. I will tell you part of the book because I only 20 pages that I read. Their is this saying in this boy name Joseph school that First grade for babies! Second grade cat! Third grade angels! Fourth grade rats! So he is going on to Third grade. His teacher name is Mrs. Simms and she haves this thing in her class every year that one person a week gets to have a angels hat then keep it. The way you get the angel hat is to be nice to class meats. I could go on for every what the rules are so I will just stop their. Joseph blurted and the person that sat next to Joseph reached across and punched him on the arm because he blurted. I have not got farther and then like I said that I only got to page 20 and chapter 3. I think that you should read it. I know that their is a Fourth Grade Rats and if their is the ather books I will put them up so you can see the ather one to and I will put up Third Grade angles.

3 grade angels


Hi, I am sick and I am sad that I can’t see you guys before spring break and I love school because of learning. But I am going to Washington D.C.. I am going to have so much fun. I will take pics. My mom said that we are going to see the Washington Monument and we are going to see where Martin Luther King Jr stood for he’s speech. Daniel’s Wax Museum guy was Martin Luther King Jr. The fun thing is that I get to learn while I am on vacation even though I will feel a little sick. The hotel is PRETTY NICE and it has a indoor pool. Mrs.Campagna, can I share after spring break about my trip at Washington D.C.? I hope that everyone that is or is not going on a trip will be safe in Ohio or wherever you are going. Keep in contact at


I read Happy news I read NFL’s most adorablo fan. Kalee Buetow is a 3 year old that lives in Washington stat. And she LOVES the Seattle Seahawks. She knows everyone on the team name and there number on their jerseys. Whin she was sort some how she starting picking up their names, and her dad saids that he dose not know how she pick it up. Kalee’s dad said’s instend of reading a book before bed he read’s her NFL books. She is the biggest football fan.


After me and my brother where done open are presents, My mom and dad gave us one present. We look in side, It we a iPod I dance all around and around I was the happiest girl on earth. That my story.

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