Wax Museum

For the Wax Museum I was Milton Hershry. He invented the Hershey chocolate. I new that it would be hard and tack a wild. I just thought that when it is done I will be thankful that I did it. We had to do a speech it said this,My name is Milton S. Hershey. I was born on Septmber,13 1857 in Derry Tonwship Philadelphia. I had a sister name Serina. I went to school at Derry Church School, In 4 grad I jopped out of school In 1882 I moved to Devver to lear Carmael making. In 1876 I stared making chocolate in Philadelphia. I Mariyed Cathlean S. Hershey in May 26 1898 in New York City. 1918 I gave money to Hershey Industrial school. In 1909 I started a school for orphand children.For poor children. The children got food and clothes, Everyone how finish school was gaving $100 to start out life. I taught people that never to give up and be thoughtful. I died October 13, 1945 in Hershey Philadelphia. I ivonted the best chocolate in the world. I was thankful at the end.Whin I said I ,I ment Milton Hershey. I love it and it was fun and a ablast. Thank You for reading.

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